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Benefit from our diverse network.

About us

todai* gmbh, founded in 2015, acts as a Business Pilot and successfully navigates SMEs, organisations and personalities through the tides. As Business Pilots, we develop targeted solutions together with our clients and help to implement them effectively. As a versatile team, we advise and support numerous clients from the relevant branches of the industrial and service sectors (B2B, B2O, B2G & B2C).
On track with todai.
* todai is Japanese and means lighthouse

What we do


We combine strategy, communication and leadership into targeted solutions and help to implement them effectively.

Your question is the starting point of our joint journey - our diverse knowledge and wealth of experience serve as a navigational aid.


We listen to you, evaluate the possible options with you and guide you towards the envisaged goal, step by step.


Developing solutions
Your energies are bundled, the focus is placed on the essential milestones. Your question becomes a sustainable solution.

Creativity, the capital of innovation

Inspiration and innovation. Unleashing n

Experience shows that innovation is not a question of technology, but rather a mindset. Give space to creativity and be innovative.


Do you need a booster for new strength and an inspired everyday entrepreneurial life? Unleash new strength. We are happy to take the time for an individual conversation over an espresso break. The goal is active inspiration for you and your business.

Let yourself be inspired. Get new impulses - on site or online.

Petra Streit

Petra Streit is an experienced entrepreneur and Business Pilot with many years of experience in advising and supporting SMEs.

She worked in the graphic industry for 25 years, including several years as a manager in agencies. She has extensive experience in the areas of leadership, corporate culture, value assessment, communication, marketing and sales.

He says of her, "She is a virtuoso communicator, a goal-oriented organizer, an experienced entrepreneur and a sensitive advisor".


Dr. Mathias Dick

Mathias Dick is a Business Pilot for SMEs, innovation practitioner, coach and mentor and has a doctorate in biochemistry.

The entrepreneur and founder has over 17 years of experience in management and front-line functions, from SMEs to large corporations.
He is a mentor at RAV Zurich since 2015 and at RAV Zug since 2018.

She says of him, “He is a thoroughbred strategist, a creative, field-tested innovator, a professional coach and an empathetic mentor".

2208 M Dick 1.jpg


This is important to us

Be prudent

We illuminate your topic from different entrepreneurial perspectives. We think in an interdisciplinary, networked way and bundle the various elements into a solution that suits you.

Companies and brands we have worked for

Aldi Abbott AG  Allco AG Anta Swiss AG  AV PG AG  BEKB  Belimed AG  Bolliger Automobile AG  Canon (Schweiz)  Celgene GmbH  Chinderhuus BABAR GmbH  Coop  FHNW Olten  Gilead Siences Switzerland Sàrl  GVB, Bern Hänseler AG  Inlingua  Interdiscount  Janssen Pharmaceuticals  Korporation Zug  Krenger AG 1968  Landi Albis Genossenschaft  Lidl  Max Urech AG  Meier Tobler AG  MSZ Group AG  Notz Metall  Plotfactory AG  RAV Zürich & Zug  Rösch Küchen AG  Sandoz Pharmaceuticals AG  Schweizerische Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft  Schutz und Rettung, Bern Visana VSSM (Schreinerverband) WATTELSE GmbH  WellPack AG  Zambon Svizzera SA

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On track with todai.

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