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Business pilots
for SMEs.

On track with todai

Unlocking complexity - our approach.

For more entrepreneurial overview - the todai-map.

Unlocking complexity. For more entrepreneurial overview with the todai-map.
Make the complicated simple.

Because the complicated is complex today, we make it simple - empathetic, sympathetic, individual.

As Business Pilots for SMEs, we enable you and your management team to master entrepreneurial challenges. We act as your change coaches.

Our approach
Agile approach. Simple, straightforward

Today's business environment is complicated, even complex, they say. But you know what your company stands for, what your products can do and what your services achieve. "It's all in my head", that's what the bosses say.

Does your customer understand this as well as you do? Does your customer understand how you mean it? Do your employees understand it as well as you thought they did? In order for everyone in the company to have a clear view, you need more of an overview.

Join us on the lighthouse and gain the necessary vision for a successful future.

Method: individual, needs-oriented workshops.

You can get consultancy elsewhere. We accompany and empower our clients as business pilots with a coaching process.

We accompany and empower our clients as business pilots with a coaching process.

Up to the top of the lighthouse
Join us on the lighthouse and gain the necessary vision for a successful future.
For more perspective, overview, insight and foresight in your company.

Our services
Purpose. Breaking down complexity for mo

With us, you detach yourself from the competition and focus consistently on your customers.
To ensure that you continue to be successful in the future, we take you and your company forward - in strategic, operational and innovative ways. With us, you implement the relevant changes effectively and sustainably.

Together we create perspectives for your entrepreneurial future.

Strategy development, communication and leadership for SMEs.

Strategy development

Where is your

A few steps to an agile strategy.
Today an agile approach is needed in order not to leave future success to chance.
With common-sense and analytical understanding to the right plan.
This is the way how to achieve your envisaged goal with us; together with your employees.

Straightforward and focused.
Just what you need.


Why integrated communication?

Integrated corporate communication supports the image, reach and awareness of a company. It supports economic goals such as the sale of services and products. Integrated communication means that planning and coordinated conception as well as realisation are based on the strategy.

Planned, coordinated, designed
and implemented.

Future Leadership

Are you ready for
Future Leadership?

The old ways of commanding, controlling and micromanaging are out. The decisive factor is the mindset and actions of a competent leader. They are the precondition for successful leadership.
Agile teams need a culture of trust. We show you the achievements of agile leadership.

To lead in an agile way,
you have to like people.

What our clients say

"The positioning of our company with todai has brought us further. Today we communicate clearly, we are better understood and are all pulling in the same direction."

Hanni Brunner, Marketing / Communication, AVPG AG



What drives us?

The amazement of our customers at the simplicity of the solution at the end of the process.

Streit Petra L.jpg

Petra Streit is an experienced entrepreneur and founder, Business Pilot with many years of practice in communication as well as consulting for SMEs.

Mathias Dick 2022.png

Mathias Dick is a dedicated entrepreneur and founder, biochemist with a PhD, business guide for SMEs, innovation practitioner, coach and mentor.

«Take your orientation from the doubters, the non-conformists, the uncomfortable ones - all those who ask questions and do not avoid them».
Dietrich Dörner. Psychologist, author of «The Logic of Failure».

The Business Pilots

We accompany you as Business Pilots and not as consultants. In a coaching process, we guide you through your current entrepreneurial challenge. We ask the relevant questions, follow up and condense your unified, existing knowledge. Together with your managers, we review the findings, ask the relevant questions and dig deeper. We challenge you and together with you, we will prioritize the consequences in target-oriented measures.

You get answers to old, new and unasked questions. New ideas are created based on today's technological possibilities.

You have clarity and know your way into the future.

When can we make it easy for you?
Book your free consultation appointment now.

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