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«In the next century, leaders will be those who promote others.»

Bill Gates

Course offer

Agile leadership requires an adaptation of skills

The pandemic months of 2020 and 2021 will put pressure on companies to change their corporate culture and leadership. Developments at the societal and technological level request a different kind of leadership. 

The changing world of work means that you as a leader must adapt your own skills on the one hand and those of your teams on the other.
Are you fit for Future Leadership?

Leadership refresher


individually situational

All of a sudden, everyone was at home, working independently and taking responsibility. What does remain of that time and how do I lead my team now?

Building on a positive attitude, paired with empathy, you will do justice to your employees with situational leadership.

Culture & Values


with values

Because of what has been experienced, a change in culture is required. Managing and controlling employees is definitely out.

In order for individual and agile leadership to be effective, the values must be clear, unambiguous and intuitively understandable. Only then employees will feel connected to the company.

«Coming Back Home»


back in the office

The return from the home office takes place in stages. What kind of cherished habits do employees bring to the office?
It is worthwhile to discuss the company values ​​with employees, to ask about the experience in the home office and to feed the findings back into the organization.

Bringing culture to life


in the change

In this seminar you will learn how you, as an entrepreneur / manager, can actively influence the corporate culture and thus increase the satisfaction of your employees, their motivation and productivity. Make the corporate culture tangible.

Leading remote/online teams


at a distance

Managing employees and entire teams remotely is a challenge. The focus is on the individual.
Managers should pay attention to a few points so that the leadership succeeds and the teams can work efficiently - regardless of whether regional, national or international.

Corona-Story whats yours.png

Cases with personas


The participants are confronted with specific personas with individual demographics and special challenges.

In this way, they learn to deal with the different situations of the employees. They train empathy, mindfulness, leadership styles and adaptive behaviour.

Case issues
  • Welcome program

  • Culture mediation

  • Change in values

  • Situational, adaptive leadership behavior

  • etc.

Personas. Understand characteristic need

Per leadership module


  • Course duration : ½ day (4-6h)

  • Course location: own rooms

  • Number of participants: around 8-15 people

  • Price: CHF 490.– per person (excluding VAT)

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Appropriate target group


  • Top-level executives

  • Area manager, division manager, department manager & group leader

  • Young executives

Individual seminar culture

Your advantages


  • The course is highly practical and takes your everyday business life into account.

  • Your needs are explicitly taken into account in the process, which is individually adapted for you.

  • The different topics allow a targeted training.

  • The modular structure makes it easier to combine with your personal agenda.

  • Both business pilots are contact persons for your individual support.

  • A certificate will be issued to the participants upon request.

Make yourself and your management team fit for Future Leadership.

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