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«The secret of success? To be different from the others.»
Woody Allen


Business coaching for SMEs
Today's complexity requires knowledge, innovation and change - they are answers to this complexity.
By splitting the complexity into various topics, you achieve the overview and you get future-oriented solutions.
By untangling the complexity, you get the insight you need.
Strategy development

Where is your

A few steps to an agile strategy.

Today an agile approach is needed in order not to leave future success to chance. With common-sense and analytical understanding to the right plan. This is the way how to achieve your envisaged goal with us; together with your employees.

Straightforward and focused.
Just what you need.


Why Integrated Communication?

Integrated corporate communication supports the image, reach and awareness of a company. It supports economic goals such as the sale of services and products. Integrated communication means that planning and coordinated conception as well as realisation are based on the strategy.

Planned, designed in a coordinated manner
and implemented.

Future Leadership

Are you ready for
Future Leadership?

The old ways of commanding, controlling and micromanaging are out. The decisive factor is the mindset and actions of a competent leader. They are the precondition for successful leadership.

Agile teams need a culture of trust. We show you the achievements of agile leadership.


In order to lead agile, you have to like people.

Project Examples


Strategy development metal industry

Review of the strategy and repositioning of the communication.



Business strategy, product definition, definition of processes, staffing, organizational development, new website and messag (communication).


building technology

Review of communication and positioning.


Development of corporate values

Definition of brand core,

sharpening of positioning a

Messaging & Communication.

Strategy implementation


Strategy review, development of new services and organizational realignment.


Product definition, definition of processes, organizational development, staffing, and creation of a register.

Launch strategy

pharmaceutical industry

Launch strategy for a new product (RA).



Review of the competitive environment, patient journey, development of the launch strategy, positioning and messaging.

Marketing, product management

medical technology

Development of digital health tools (DHT), marketing, digital marketing, product launch and training of sales representatives.


Interim management, know-how transfer, consulting and development

Leadership understanding & culture

pharmaceutical industry

Training of all management levels, introduction of the management culture, establishment of the management process including MBO.


Management training, management training, development of a management culture, definition, and training of the MBO process.

The corporate fingerprint


Successfully positioned in the market with clear values.
A consistent culture supports the company's success and is an important competitive advantage.

Gaining new insights and changing the entrepreneurial outlook - lead by your Business Pilots.


You'll gain foresight and sharpen your vision in your company image. Your management team will have a clear perspective and your employees will see it clearly.
We're looking forward to the moment of the first meeting with you.

On track with todai.

The counselling.
A prerequisite for wise action.

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