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«The best ideas come to me when I imagine I am my own customer.»

Charles Lazarus, Founder Toys "R" Us

Integrated communication

Planned, designed in a coordinated manner and implemented.
Integrated corporate communication supports the image, range and awareness of a company.
Good communication supports economic goals such as the sale of services and products. Integrated communication means that corporate communication is planned and coordinated, designed and implemented based on the strategy.


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What is a communication strategy?
Communication strategy means knowing why you are in dialogue with whom and when. It establishes an unmistakable guiding principle with clear messages. The behavior and tone as well as the timing of the company's communicative activities are defined. The measures are budgeted and assigned to the target groups. This lays the foundation for good communication.


The communication process is based on the developed and defined strategy. This is communicated and explained in the company, i.e. everyone understands which path the company has taken. If the strategy is adapted or further developed, this has an impact on communication. If the strategy changes, the communication must also be revised and adapted.

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Why is a communication strategy worthwhile?
Because thanks to the goal clarification phase you know your target group and therefore know who you are talking to. A specific communication strategy clearly defines which media are filled with which content. The measures and resources are scheduled and budgeted. The course defines the direction, i.e. any additional project ideas must go in the same direction. If this is not the case, the project can be dispensed with. In this way, decisions are easy and the set goals are achieved.

The concept. Communicate successfully.


At the beginning there are many questions: How is your communication going? What are the goals for communication? What are its goals? Who are you talking to? What's your communication strategy? Once these questions have been answered, communication work is much easier.


Analysis &
communication goals


Target groups & communication strategy


Budget &


The roadmap for a
strong communication

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The todai business pilots guide you through the three process phases in a coaching process for a clear communication strategy. We review the current means of communication with you, ask the relevant questions, follow up, challenge you and condense your services into targeted messages.


You communicate in a planned and coordinated manner. The implementation of the communication strategy supports your corporate strategy and pursues your corporate goals.


You have integrated communication for a strong presence in the market.

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«It is not enough to talk about the matter. You have to speak to the people.»
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, poet (1909-1966)

How is your company's communication going?
Talk to us.

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