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«In the next century, leaders will be those who promote others.»

Bill Gates

Future Leadership

Agile leadership requires an adaptation of skills

The pandemic months of 2020 and 2021 will put pressure on companies to change their corporate culture and leadership. Developments at the societal and technological level request a different kind of leadership. 

The changing world of work means that you as a leader must adapt your own skills on the one hand and those of your teams on the other.
Are you fit for Future Leadership?

Future Leadership

Employees have new needs

With home office, everyday collaboration has been heavily digitalised. Due to the distance, many things have changed: new domestic habits have become dear, relationships are forced to be "distanced" and communication is strongly "digitalised".


Do we take enough time for conversations with our employees or do we have less and less to say to each other? Are we still on the same wavelength? Are we pursuing the same goals? Do employees want to stay at home forever or do they want to go back to the office? And: To what extent should I change my attitude towards my employees, my (leadership) behavior?


People still have the same needs as before. Many people miss personal contact more and more. Corona fatigue in all its facets is spreading. Let’s pick up our employees and grow together again. We have to find and reconnect with our employees anew. Trust that we build during the crisis strengthens us for the future.

Future Leadership ecourage not

Our three leadership principles

You have to care about people.

Man muss Menschen mögen.png

Leading means leading to success.

Führen heisst führen zum Erfolg..png

Leadership is an attitude.

Leadership is an attitude.jpg

Make yourself and your management team fit for Future Leadership.

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